Stone-Plastic Paper Making Machine

Stone plastic paper machine

Product information
Detailed introduction

Production process of stone plastic paper

According to different usage, the percentage of the inorganic filler(calcium carbonate, talc, wollastonite, titanium dioxide, etc) in the formula is about 60%~80%. Then added with PP, PE and other resin and various chemical additives, the inorganic filler is translated into masterbatch after blending, modification and extrusion process.


Characteristics of Stone Paper

1. Delicate printing effect, soft texture, low prices and others like good waterproof beyond of the natural paper.  Compared with the traditional synthetic paper, PP/PE environmental synthetic paper is produced with new technology. There are many obvious improvements in printing property, fold-ability, anti-static electricity and drying performance. The common printing ink can be used and the printing cost is only one third.

2. PP/PE stone paper production completely meets the environmental requirements. Except the good waterproof property, it has the merits of insect prevention, moth proof, moisture proof, mold proof, grease proofing, light fastness, good light-admitting quality, non-toxic, innocuity, resistance to abrasion, thermo-stability (no deformation under 100℃).

Advantages of Our Machine

1.Electric saving: 280kwH power can be saved for 1 ton stone paper production compared with the traditional fiber paper production . 
2.Water saving: The stone paper production course actually is modification working course. Small quantity cooling water is recycled during this period. So, much water consumption is saved. Compared with the traditional fiber paper , 110-130 ton fresh water can be saved for 1 ton stone paper producing. It is a special contribution to relax the nervous water resource situation.
3.Working plant saving: Stone paper production is a course of no-water, no-steam, no-wood pulp . Stone powder ,resin and small quantity additives as its raw materials. It is very different from the traditional paper making plant which needs heavy equipment, large storage space for woods and other plant fiber materials. Working area is only 1/10 of the traditional paper making plant.  
4.Environment pollution reduction: Much waste water discharge during the traditional paper making course, which will spend big capital for its non-skilled clearing technology and harmful to social environment.. Only cooling water in the barrels is needed for stone paper production, no any environment pollution. So stone paper production is also a project with environment protection project.

Product attributes



LDPE,LLDPE, PP+filler60-80%  CaCO?




0.05MM-0.3MMAfter stretching

Extrusion output


Extrusion screw

75MM/125MM, L/D: 32:1

Drive motor

100HP/215HP  AC motor (TECO)+ vector inverter controller (Yaskawa)

Layer assignment

A/B/A=10/80/10 (%) and A/B/B=20/40/40 (%)

Extruder Die

T type, 1600MM width

Machine speed


Winding device

Biaxial round tower center winding

Coiling maximum diameter

1000MM (MAX)

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