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Product information
Detailed introduction

Application Field

Particularly applicable to the area which has a high demanding for light-weight material, such as automatic rail transit, shipping, fan blade and so on.


The productions produced by the technology are lighter,greener,cheaper and safer than traditionally manufactured equivalents,yet with the same performance as solid product!

1.Lighter:Products manufactured using foaming blow molding typical need 15-20% less polymers than those using traditional extrusion technologies.

Thanks to the enhanced this technology,customers are able to use fewer polymers and reduce the weight of vehicle,thus achieving better performance as improving the dynamic,fuel economy and emission than the original technology.

2.Greener:Foaming blow molding has many positive environmental benefits over traditional techniques,As noting but atmospheric gases are added to the foamed polymer,harmful emissions are avoided,recycling these pure materials is easy and cost effective.As the technology reduces plastics used at the source,its widespread adoption could significantly reduce the volume of oil derived plastics used.

In addition to reduced plastic consumption and the point of manufacture,it delivers reduced fossil fuel usage as a result of the weight reduction derived from micro foaming of the finished parts.

3.Increase productivity:With special screwed,the pressure in screw not only increases extrusion speed,but also makes the extruded material more stable and even.In addition,extruded material more stable and even.In addition,extruded material by foaming blow molding has low density,It is much easier to blow, form and cool down that shorten he producing cycle,enhancing the production efficiency.

4.Lower Cost:The substantial material weight-saving achieved by the use of foaming blow molding enables customers to make significant cost savings on each part produced.This result in a product margin opttimization and increased profit for businesses.

In many cases,the savings made thanks to our technology enable customers to be competitive on the market while enhancing their profit.

5.Safer:As for auto pars,common PE material is harder.There is the strong possibility that when traffic accident occurs,PE material is likely to collide and break off,producing sharp angels which may harm to people's health.The foaming plastic has unparalleled density and higher impact strength.

Product attributes
基本规格 Specification    
适用原料 Material / PE\PP
最大制品容积 Max.conttainer caoacity L 160
模头数 Number of die set 1
产量 Output Pcs/hr 50-60
机器外形尺寸 Machine dimension M 7.8*4.8*5.2
机器重量 Total weight Ton 40
模头 Accumulator head    
模头储料容积 Accumulator capacity L 16
最大射料速度 Max.injection speed Kg/sec. 1.5
挤出压力 Injection pressure Mpa 20
模头加热段数 Number of die heating zone 5
模头加热功率 Power of die heating KW 47
挤出口最大直径 Max.die-pin diameter mm 450
开合模系统 Clamping unit    
锁模力 Clamping force KN 800
模板间距 Platen opening stroke mm 650-1500
模板尺寸 Platen size mm 1700*1000
最大模具尺寸 Max mould size mm 1400*900
模具厚度 Mould thlckness mm 510-650
挤出系统 Extruder unit    
螺杆直径 Screw dlameter mm 100

螺杆长径比Screw L/D ratio

L/D 28:1
挤出量 Extruding volume Kg/hr 160-240

螺杆转速 Screw rotation rate

r/min 10-86
螺杆加热功率 Extruder heating power KW 53
挤出电机功率 Extruder driving power KW 75
动力 Power consumption    
油泵电机功率 Oil pump driving power KW 22
伺服点击功率 Servo drive power KW 4
最大总功率 General assembly KW 220
气源压力 Air pressure Mpa 0.7
气源排量 Air consumption M3/min 0.8
平均能耗 Average energy consumption KW 84
冷却水用量 Cooling water consumpttion m3/min 0.6-1

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